Создание SAP  паспорта FireFox

Создание SAP паспорта FireFox

Hi Friends, Here are the steps to Install SAP Passport in Vista As of now IE 7 is not supported by SAP which comes by default with Vista.
What you can do is install Mozilla Firefox- and after logging to market place click on
My Profile -Maintain my Single Sign on Certificate- Enter your password-Apply for SAP Passport
This will generated the Key- If prompted by browser to save password-select “Not Now”.
You’ll get a confirmation screen stating your SAP Passport is installed.
Steps in Firefox
Now in Firefox- Go to Tool-options-Advance-View Certificates-Select the certificate with your SUser Number-Backup –assign password (Enter the path and save the certificate)
Steps in IE 7.0
ActiveX settings with the Internet Explorer
Note:You only need the ActiveX settings for Internet Explorer, not for Netscape.
In the menu bar of the Internet Explorer choose the following path:
Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Custom Level...
Set the following entries to Enable or Prompt:
• Download signed ActiveX controls
• Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins
• Script ActiveX controls marked safe for script

Open Internet Explorer IE 7.0 – Tools- Internet Options-Content-Certificates-Import-Next-
Select the path, next to File Name select All Files in drop down-select the certificate-next type the password you assigned while backup.
Once Completed restart the browser. Done
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